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Balloon Walls: We’ve Seen ‘Em, We Want ‘Em!

We have all heard or seen the new trend that has been popping up at your friends and families’ events — Balloon Walls! Also know as balloon backdrops, these “walls” are really structures with balloons covering them, sometimes with a pattern, and sometimes just randomly placed.

Within the last year, quite a few trends have gained popularity in the world of balloons. These walls are the perfect balloon decoration ideas for company events, children’s birthdays, grand openings and much more.

If you are looking to create a backdrop that both looks spectacular and offers a great photo op at your next event, a balloon wall is the perfect creation. Not only are balloon walls a great backdrop for stages and photo booths, but they are also a great way to propose to that special someone.

Now, if you are looking to create one of these balloon walls yourself, to ensure it turns out exactly how you imagine it, know that a personal touch can go a long way to build a sense of appreciation to your creation. While we have created some beautiful balloon walls for thousands of events, we understand the desire to create one yourself. For you DIY-ers, here are some beginner tips:

  • Make sure your balloon wall is secure throughout the entire process and later, at your party or event, with the help of base plates or secured to a fixed structure tightly.
  • Make sure your grid is sturdy enough to hold multiple balloons.
  • Balloons begin to look foggy (oxidized) when exposed to light and other outdoor elements. For the best look, it is best to install your balloon wall the same day as the party.
  • If you are scarce on time, you can start blowing them up well before the party, placing them into a mattress bag to avoid oxidization. If you want to save yourself from a day of light headed dizziness, it would be best to purchase your new best friend: a hand pump. This will save both your lungs and head from any discomfort…you can thank us later

This new trend is booming right now and is getting more popular by the day. Give your next event an exciting new look with a balloon wall, you won’t be disappointed.

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