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Our magical Bubble Globes are perfect for all celebrations. Introducing our Fall and Winter collections so no matter how you celebrate the season we have you covered!

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These large bubble globes have clear bubble balloons with gold foil inside and a beautiful fall garland wrapped around the basket bases. Inside is a nice bouquet of fall flowers, foiliage and a pumpkin. Falling leaves from the top of the inside of the balloon will move and twist around when the arrangement moves. 

Say Happy Holidays with these magical arrangements! The base is a red box with an arrangement of winter foliage around the tissue base. The arrangement is topped off with an assortment of festive decorations!

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Keep Balloons Fun! Be Responsible!

Qualatex® is committed to the responsible use of balloons.  When handling balloons, always remember:

  • Never release balloons into the atmosphere.
  • Never inhale helium gas.
  • Always use a balloon pump to inflate your balloons.
  • Always secure helium-filled balloons with a weight.
  • When you’re done enjoying your balloons, cut the ends and properly dispose.
  • Keep children safe when playing with balloons and dispose any deflated or popped balloons right away.

Worth the Weight: The Balloon Council says balloons should not be released. People love balloons, but for many reasons no longer support balloon releases. We, along with other balloon makers, have worked hard to share and inspire the use of Smart Balloon Practices to keep balloons available for every occasion.

We stand with communities by encouraging that balloons be weighted, not released outdoors, and disposed of properly when broken or deflated. Whether it’s a single balloon or hundreds, let’s keep them from flying away.

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