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Let’s Party With Balloonzilla!


Welcome to Balloonzilla’s new podcast, Let’s Party with Balloonzilla! We are here to give you an insider’s look into the party planning and event planning process. Today, Bryan & Marla Borokoff–the founders and owners of Balloonzilla–about working together as a married couple and building a company through thick and thin.

Marla: Hello this is Marla from BalloonZilla and today we are gonna record the very pilot of our wonderful podcast called: “Let’s Party with BalloonZilla!”

We are here at Granted Records with Emo enjoying this great setup here to record for our very first time and we have a host today, hostess, is that correct?

Lizzy Liz: Hostess, yeah

Marla: A hostess with the most-ess Lizzy Liz Chen from…

Lizzy Liz: Lizzy Liz Events

Marla: Yeah, no, I know where you’re from


Lizzy Liz: From Orange County

Marla: From Orange County, from the OC! Today we have with us Lizzy Liz Chen from Lizzy Liz Event Planning and Design, and we’re gonna flip the table here a little bit and for our pilot, she is going to interview us! Dun dun dun!

Bryan: Dun dun dun

Marla: What’s that gonna look like? But first I’d like to tell you that BalloonZilla is a Southern California balloon decorating company, and you can find us on the web at balloonzilla.com, or on Instagram where we post everyday @balloonzilla, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, all good also! Look us up @balloonzilla. Alright, whatcha got for us, Lizzy Liz?

Lizzy Liz: Alright so, my number one question is: how easy, or how hard is it to work together as a married couple?

Marla: I-I thought she was gonna ask us how we got into this, but boy was I wrong

Lizzy Liz: No, we’re gonna get-we’re gonna get emotional today

Bryan: Well we might wanna introduce who’s sitting here too, cause you didn’t say anything about me being here.

Marla: There’s a Boy in our midst, other than Emo.

Bryan: Uh huh, there is. Hello!

Lizzy Liz: Say he’s handsome

Marla: He’s a very handsome devil, he’s my devil. Bryan Borokoff is with us today, the CEO of BalloonZilla, and he is uh also the COO of BalloonZilla, and handles all things organizational.

Bryan: That’s me!

Marla: I am Marla Borokoff, the wife, and I am the One and Only Wife, I hope, and I do-I am the VP of Sales and Marketing, and I also am the Director of Sales, so I’m mostly out and about and partying and having a good time, and designing things! I like to design also. So, we are balloon designers with BalloonZilla, Lizzy Liz Chen is an event planner. Say hi, Liz.

Lizzy Liz: Hi!

Marla: There ya go. And today, she is interviewing us, so let’s do this!

Lizzy Liz: Alright Bryan, tell us your role in the company and how did you find your niche in the company?

Bryan: Well finding my niche took a while, that’s for sure, cause uh it’s definitely a-a it’s a creative and visual business, uh and that’s what Marla’s really good at. I’m more of the logical thinker, and uh my creativity level is kind of, uh, way lower than my logical thinking, so that’s up there

Marla: Hello Left-Brain

Bryan: Hello Left-Brain. Which makes it a good match for the two of us, uh so I can handle uh all the back-end kind of operational details of the business, uh and she can handle kind of the front-end visual what-people-see from the business. So it’s a good i-it’s a good mix.

Marla: We still haven’t answered the question of how we’ve worked together for so long.

Bryan: No, we haven’t, I’ve been trying to avoid that but, uh, since you brought that up…

I think it’s very important that uh, that there’s a synergy between-I mean even though you’re married to somebody, it doesn’t mean you can work with them.

Marla: Oh I thought he was gonna say “It doesn’t mean you like them”


Bryan: Well, that too. Uh, no, it doesn’t mean you can work with them which is why, you know, a lot of married couples they have separate jobs, you know, and they do their thing and come home.

Marla: What is that like?

Bryan: I-I have absolutely no idea what that’s like, because we’ve pretty much been doing, you know, uh uh in business ever since we met. But, uh, it works, it’s a synergy and you know as long as the both of us understand what our roles are in the business, and never kind of step on each other’s toes, that’s really important in order to be able to work together.

Marla: There are many days when we don’t even see each other all day, and we catch up at the end of the day. The nice thing is we don’t have to explain the stories that we’re telling cause we both work at the same place, we know the same people, the same—different situations are happening at the same time, so we’re always problem solving together, and I think that’s good to have that common goal together. I don’t know how people are married and have separate jobs, I don’t really get that, I couldn’t imagine. We shared a desk for I don’t even know, 10 years?

Bryan: Yeah, we did

Marla: We shared a car, a desk, we shared like everything so, and we just worked off of each other, whatever I didn’t do was-right brain stuff went to me, left brain stuff went to him basically.

Bryan: And as long as I remembered who was really in charge we were doing okay.

Marla: I didn’t say that, I’m never owning that one. But, no, we’ve always had a–when we fight, we fight. We’re passionate people, so when we get into it, the door gets shut and we scream at each other for a little while, and it helps and then we move along. But we’re not really grudge holders either of us, we’re pretty good at letting things go and keeping business as business and not-business as not-business.

Bryan: And it really freaks people out sometimes cause depending on what the subject matter is, we can get into pretty heated discussions and then people around us get like really scared and then like, 2 seconds later we’re like nothing ever happened.

Marla: Also, we’re-it’s normal to have heated conversations when you’re debating something. Debating is debating-you’re supposed to be passionate and excited about your position on it. So, we debate things and then we go out for lunch. Like boys, right? Boys do this all the time and don’t think anything about it. Girls, we hold on to things forever. So, I had to learn to be one of the guys, I think. Sorry if I’ve offended about half of the population right there.


Marla: But no, I think we’ve got a pretty good handle on it after, I don’t know how long, 18 years we’ve been married so.

Bryan: Did that answer your question?

Lizzy Liz: Yes, it did thank you

Marla: It was the longest answer ever.

Lizzy Liz: I see a lot of husband and wife photographers, I see like those dynamics and I’m like, power to you guys, because I know I can’t work with my fiance

Bryan: Some couples should just not work together, at all, period.

Lizzy Liz: Stay at your desk job, booboo.


Lizzy Liz: Um, I see BalloonZilla everywhere um on Instagram, on all your publications, um tell me what your strategy in like growing your instagram or growing, you know, press medias?

Bryan: That’s you.

Marla: I don’t know anything about marketing


Marla: So, I’m just a gorilla in a marketing world, I’m not sure if that lends itself to the book, but I just go out and meet people, and drink a lot of champagne. But I don’t, um, I don’t really have any plan, I just do as much as I can. My plan is go forward all the time, keep moving. I’m terrible at finishing projects, but fantastic at starting them.

Bryan: Her plan is really that there is no plan.

Marla: It drives him crazy!!

Bryan: I have to have a plan.

Marla: Yes, he needs to like have the plan, rehearse the plan, have everybody ready to move out on the plan, I’m not that girl. So what I do is I make a lot of messes and have everybody else clean them up. And that’s what I do, and I get out of the house, I don’t stay home, I don’t wait for business to come in. We did that a long time ago, and the business just about lost its shoes.

Bryan: It’s my job to hire the people to clean up her messes.

Marla: Yes

Bryan: That’s my-that’s my job

Marla: Yeah, and I-I just go out a lot, and I go out and I hustle, and I do it in a good way! I like to meet people, I like to help people, if I meet somebody that needs something, I connect people a lot. I think giving away has been the best lesson I’ve ever learned. The more I give away, the more that comes back, and I know that’s kind of cheesy but

Bryan: And I do have to say that, I would say 90% of your messes turn out to be something fantastic that I shoulda just let you go and do it to begin with.

Marla: I could take you, don’t worry.

Bryan: I know.

Marla: Yeah, don’t worry about that.

Lizzy Liz: So when I think about balloons, I never thought balloons were gonna trend into weddings. So can you tell us, like, how that merged over?

Marla: Well first I’d like to say thank you to Mindy Weiss

Lizzy Liz: Thank you Mindy Weiss

Marla: We appreciate that plug on balloons a couple years ago, cause it really launched everything. Uh I spent like the first 10 years of my career in balloons trying to convince people that balloons were not just for carnivals and birthday parties. Nobody believed me! It was all I was doing, was carnivals and birthday parties. And a couple corporate events here and there, but it was like 3 balloons and a bouquet, it was never the artistic stuff that I really knew I could do. And then all of the sudden it just happened, we had a couple of people in the industry that really took the lead on doing crazy huge installations, and I knew that’s what I wanted. I don’t-I love the little stuff, I love doing birthday parties, they’re great, they’re great, but I like big stuff. I like the big corporate, the big casino stuff, the stuff where I really get to dig in and make a difference.

Bryan: It took a-it took a long time to figure out exactly what our niche is, but I think we found it.

Marla: And I think brides are kind of just coming around now, even though the trend started about 2 years ago, I think that brides are just coming around now to accept it as normal to have a balloon installation or a backdrop

Bryan: That was a tough, that was a tough convincing right there

Marla: Jeez Louise, we were like Forrest Gump holding on there to our last shrimp boat in the water, but we somehow held on long enough. And then now, it’s becoming very normal. We do them all the time, we do tons of weddings. We did 3,000 events last year so we’re-you know people-somebody believes in us, I don’t know somewhere.

Lizzy Liz: I believe in you guys

Marla: Awww thanks!

Bryan: You’re great

Lizzy Liz: So we wanna know how much, like what’s a good budget to set for a great balloon design?

Bryan: Well, ya know…

Marla, Bryan: $250,000

Lizzy Liz: Perfect

Bryan: Yeah, I think that’ll work great

Lizzy Liz: In cash


Bryan: In a suitcase

Lizzy Liz: In a suitcase

Bryan: In a WalMart bag, actually. We’re gonna do that. Um ya know, it’s-it’s really dependent, you know, cause there are those out there who will spend 2-3,000 dollars on a fourth, I’m sorry, on a first birthday party, and there are those who are gonna have a 50th Anniversary who wanna spend $20.

Marla: Yeah and there’s-there’s a market for everything, and you know, just like anything else it’s art so you get what you pay for. Um, but it’s fine either way. You know, whatever is comfortable for them is good, and we’re um, usually a normal party you’re gonna range, you know for a wedding I’d say between, say $1,000-10,000

Bryan: Yeah, exactly

Marla: Depending on what you choose, if we’re doing an entire room or we’re just doing a backdrop for you, you know. And maybe it’ll be a little less than that, but that’s-if you give yourself that budget you can do some fun things.

Bryan: Yeah

Lizzy Liz: So 2018, what was your most memorable design?

Bryan: New Year’s Eve

Marla: MGM Grand

Lizzy Liz: Yes!

Marla: Yeah, baby!

Lizzy Liz: I was there for that! Or, the contracting part at least, or the negotiation.

Bryan: That was definitely the-the pinnacle of our 2018

Lizzy Liz: Oh my gosh, you were manifesting in the hotel room

Marla: Oh, I sweat that one! It was fun, it was so much fun, and it was so flawless and just a great experience. It was-it was hard work, and it was like kind of the final exam of our year, we got to try all these new things, and new products and-oh my gosh it’s so fun to work in Vegas, I’m not gonna lie, I loved it.

Lizzy Liz: Alright guys, Vegas, BalloonZilla’s comin for you!

Bryan: We are, we’re on our way!

Marla: Watch out!

Lizzy Liz: Watch out! Get ready, 2019!

Marla: I think another highlight for me last year was winning Trendsetter of the Year. I think that was a really-that blew my face off, I’m gonna cry if I keep talking about it. But it was such a surprise, and so unexpected, and just so flattering cause I-you know it’s one thing, we go through the daily grind and we do our thing and, you know people say “oh it looks so nice, oh thank you so much”, and I love that, and it feeds me, and that’s what keeps me going. It’s so about that, for me, it’s so about the “wow” and I-to have other people in the industry recognize that, that the work-was like, humbling to the extreme. I’ve never felt like that, it was so, like, “they really like me!”

Bryan: Well, so-so surprising cause I think somebody did not expect to win Trendsetter of the Year.

Marla: I not only did not expect it, I super did not! Like tt wasn’t even on my radar, I wasn’t even gonna wear shoes to the event. So I was like, very grateful for my shoes that day, and just, it was beautiful. It was- ah it was great!

Lizzy Liz: You were even questioning about going!

Marla: I was. You had to bring that, there

Lizzy Liz: I was

Marla: We actually, like, had words before we left and I said “I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna, don’t make me! I don’t wanna. I don’t wanna”.

Bryan: Well that’s the funny thing about- we do-we get invited to a lot of events

Marla: A ton

Bryan: Yeah, but usually what happens is uh we work, and work, and work, and by the time we actually get home and are able to change and go, it’s like way too late.

Marla: Or we’re exhausted!

Bryan: Yeah so, it’s not too often we actually get to go to an event like that, but uh when we do, obviously-

Marla: As guests, we didn’t even decorate the event!

Bryan: As guests, yeah

Marla: So it was nice to just go. I would have decorated had they asked, and it was so nice to just go and show up and just enjoy. And I fought it, cause I was tired that day, and I was like “I just don’t wanna get into a gown and go out, put on makeup”

Lizzy Liz: Put on shoes…

Marla: I didn’t wear makeup cause- yeah shoes! Ugh I’m a flip flop girl. But uh-

Bryan: The high heels killed me that night

Lizzy Liz: I know, you look great in them, though!


Marla: Yeah, no, it was-it was one of the highlights of my career so far, if not the highlight. It was pretty rad.

Lizzy Liz: Well I’m so happy you attended, because it was so great to see your expression, your shock, and I even woke up to a message the next day. You’re like “did that really happen?” And I was like “HELL YEAH it did! You earned it!” You work so hard, you’re everywhere, you are so giving in the industry, you never say no to anything, like, as far as like design.

Marla: Always ready!

Lizzy Liz: You’re always ready, like-

Bryan: Even though I’m behind her saying “No no, really, you can’t do that ”

Marla: “No no, terrible idea! Terrible idea! Back up the bus! Don’t do that!”

Lizzy Liz: Us planners, we always think of like, the craziest designs, right? And then Marla’s like “Yeah, we can do that!” And then I’m sure she’s running to Bryan, like “How do we do this?”

Bryan: That’s exactly what she does, by the way

Lizzy Liz: But she executes, like 1,000% every time!

Marla: Thank you

Bryan: What happens is she comes to me, and this is the line, and she looks at me and says “You’re gonna kill me”

Marla: Yeah, “I have no idea how to do this”

Bryan: “I have no idea how to do this”

Marla: He’s like “You’re fine, just go look it up, you’ll find something.” Yeah.

Bryan: And we have a good production team too, so

Marla: Yeah, we have an awesome team standing behind us. You guys don’t get to see all of the work that goes on in the background, but we have full store full of people that are producing all of these magical things that I get to put my name on.

Bryan: We have about 26 employees, so we have a really good team. They really get the job done.

Marla: And they’re passionate people who really care about what they do, you don’t come to BalloonZilla unless you really believe in what we’re doing, and you think it’s something that’s amazing, so it-it’s not just me. I just take all the credit, that’s kind of how I roll.


Lizzy Liz: So you guys talked about, you know, working so much and getting so tired sometimes. What is-what advice can you give to us entrepreneurs who feel the burn out? Like, I felt the burn out, I felt the winter blues last year. What can you recommend our entrepreneurs to push through that feeling, to continue to hustle, and just work hard for yourself?

Marla: Vacation

Bryan: Yeah that, and-

Marla: We had to learn to vacation

Bryan: And take the leap, and hire some people.

Marla: Yeah, I think the more we hire, the smarter we are. Like we never hire too many people. We just don’t because it’s-it always creates more business when you hire more people and I think, a lot of planners especially, think that they wanna do it all. And they’re nervous about somebody else cause they want it just so, just their way. And for us, we did that for the first 10 years. We didn’t-we didn’t barely hire, we had one person usually to answer the phone, but we never hired. I didn’t think anybody could ever do the balloons, honestly, I was so arrogant about it, I’m just like “nobody will ever do a specialty bouquet like I do”. And when we finally gave in and said “you know what, let’s just do this, let’s hire somebody” and we found like these people were so competent and so able that we could let that part go, and everything that I didn’t like doing, I hired somebody to do and every time I did it I was like “Woohoo! This was a great idea, why didn’t I do this years ago?”

Bryan: The funny thing is, you know, we try to work less, you know. We try to put people in the right positions that can work more than we do, and make us more money in the process. However, on the flip-side of that our kids really wish we would that we would work more

Marla: Sometimes

Bryan: They really do, they want us out of the house more

Marla: Sometimes. They’ve been part of this since the very beginning. This is part of who they are, they are balloon babies, they understand everything about what we put in, and what the value of what we do is.

Bryan: Our oldest son was 2 when we started this, he’s 14 now

Marla: No he was 6 months when we started

Bryan: 6 months, I’m sorry yeah, he’s 14 now

Marla: He was in a little tiny carrier when we started, barely sitting up, and he is 14 now, almost 15, and the other one’s 12. We had him like while we were delivering balloons in the back of the van I’m pretty sure. And-

Bryan: Yeah, yeah I’ll tell you a funny story. We’re actually at the hospital delivering-she’s delivering the baby, and she looked at me and said “Oh my god, I’ve set a delivery for an hour from now! You have to go to the shop, you have to go do balloons now!”

Marla: He was like “No! No I won’t! I won’t do it!” I said “Go!”

Bryan: I’m like “You gotta be kidding me!”

Marla: “I’m not refunding the $99! Go now!” He went and delivered the balloons and the minute he got back, the baby came. That was our balloon baby. Mhm. He was so mad at me. So mad

Lizzy Liz: And here you guys are now

Bryan: And here we are now

Marla: Yeah, two teenagers

Lizzy Liz: So, let’s talk about pricing, um going back. How scary was it to continue raising prices?

Marla: It’s still terrifying

Bryan: Yeah, it is. And-and even in the helium kind of area right now, cause there’s no helium in California.

Lizzy Liz: Yeah, let’s talk about the shortage, I was asking Marla about that so I was really-

Marla: It’s a thing

Lizzy Liz: Yeah, it’s a thing, it’s scary

Bryan: Our distributor gets his helium from Texas so you can’t get any here, and it’s extremely expensive so we’ve had to keep kind of hiking up our helium prices just because of that

Marla: Just to keep up

Bryan: And it’s tough, because sales go down when you- when you raise prices like that

Marla: And we want everybody to enjoy balloons at their party, no matter where they’re coming from financially, we don’t want them to break the bank on balloons, and be able to enjoy them. So it’s always a fight, we’re always fighting like, we have to cover our expenses but at the same time, you know, we wanna make it affordable for people. So we try to give some options for things that are a little bit more affordable but um, with helium particularly there’s such a shortage right now, a lot of the states aren’t even producing any helium. Uh we are, we’re lucky enough to have a vendor that’s kept up. Um, but it’s still-it’s still always a struggle. It’s always-we’re always nervous. Always nervous.

Bryan: Every single time we have to raise, every year when we go over, you know, budget and stuff like that and we’re looking and we’re saying, you know, what’s gonna sell, what’s not gonna sell, what are we gonna target this year and what we’re not, and you know what we’re gonna have to raise prices on and what we’re not so. It’s always a scary thing to do, you never know, really how the markets gonna-gonna react. Especially these days, you know when there’s so much turmoil out there. Uh, you never know, you never know.

Marla: Yeah, until you get the quote from somebody that-that says “oh I just asked somebody else, and you’re half the price that they are!” And then you’re like wait what?


Marla: Wait-we are? That’s not right

Bryan: So-so it’s all in our head is what she’s trying to say

Marla: Yeah, we think that we know so much, but then we come to find out like, the companies are all over the board that exist right now, and it’s not um- what’s great about our industry is that we’re so unique that they- in some areas there’s only 1 or 2 balloon companies like San Diego, Vegas, there’s just not a lot of population in our area, whereas Los Angeles has about a thousand of them so the pricing matters, you know is so delicate when you’re in a sea of a thousand balloon vendors, whereas if you have 2 or 3 you charge your prices and it’s pretty acceptable. So it’s not like we raise our prices because of that, but it’s-it is um, less competitive.

Bryan: And there are a lot of discussions before we decide if we’re gonna raise prices or not

Marla: Heated! Heated discussions, yes

Bryan: Yeah, very

Marla: But we still love each other at the end, don’t we?

Bryan: Yeah, cause I win. Nah I really don’t.

Marla: No, you really don’t


Lizzy Liz: So, 2018, um you guys had a bet. Can we talk about that?


Marla, Bryan: Yeah, sure

Bryan: So, uh-

Marla: Boy, you know too many of our secrets, that’s the problem

Bryan: Yeah, yeah maybe this was a bad idea

Marla: Bryan is blushing, by the way

Bryan: Yeah I am, so you take this, or you want me to take it?

Marla: I’ll-I’ll-I’m gonna give the G-rated version

Bryan: Okay

Marla: Um so in 2018 I bet my husband that I would hit a revenue goal of $1,000,000, and uh my husband said “no you won’t” and I said “yeah I will” and he said “we’re not even, like, close to that” and I said “ watch me!” So I said “let’s make a deal: I hit our revenue goals, and-” what happens, honey? What happens if I hit our revenue goals?

Bryan: I get a tattoo

Marla: And what is it gonna be of?

Bryan: It’s gonna be our logo with a balloon that says “$1,000,000” and the date underneath it

Marla: And my husband is a lily-white boy who has never had a tattoo before

Bryan: I do now

Marla: Yeah, December 3rd, 2018 we hit our revenue goal of $1,000,000 and my husband and I both, I wish you could see us now, tattoo’d our logos on our arms

Bryan: Yup, tattoo’d

Marla: So, I wish you could see us. We’ll take a picture and post it

Bryan: I am now branded

Marla: We’re both branded, we’re committed. How committed are you, would you tattoo your logo on your body?

Bryan: Oh I haven’t even-I don’t even know what we’re gonna do for the end of this year.

Marla: 3 million

Bryan: Yeah, 3 million

Lizzy Liz: 3 million I love it

Marla: Yeah

Lizzy Liz: Well, what advice can you give to entrepreneurs to continue growing like you guys did? I know you guys have been in the industry for a long time, I’m at year 3 and I’m like, so tired.

Bryan: Can -can I take this?

Lizzy Liz: Yeah

Bryan: Don’t give up

Lizzy Liz: I love that

Bryan: Don’t give up, just keep, keep at it, it doesn’t-look we survived the recession, with a revenue drop of 75% and we still survived. Don’t give up.

Marla: Forrest Gump baby, Forrest Gump

Bryan: Yeah, keep on running

Marla: You know, and also keep your tools sharpened. My staff reads. I buy books. They read all the time, I have my staff come in a half an hour earlier, they can stay a half an hour late every day. They read books, they keep their tools sharpened. They keep knowing more, we keep learning from people who know before us, I don’t know everything. He sure as heck doesn’t

Bryan: Hey, wait a minute

Marla: Oh, sorry. But we keep reading, we read a lot. We listen to books, we read books, we try to keep our tools sharpened. Um, because it really does help us, we don’t have to invent everything. We can learn from people who have done it before us. It’s been a big, big help. And also, get a mentor. Get somebody who knows more than you, get somebody who’s done it before that can guide you through the process. You don’t know what you’re doing, it’s a big world. You have to have somebody that kind of shows you the way. We have somebody we work with that’s amazing

Bryan: An outside business analyst sometime is exactly what the business needs

Marla: Somebody you trust, somebody that’s done it before, that really understands what the world-the business world is like. Because I’m a great balloon artist but, I don’t know that much about the numbers. I don’t know, I don’t know how to make a million dollars, I just do what I do. So trust on the outside information that you get, I think that’s been really helpful for us. We do a lot of, like, continuing education.

Bryan: And also, don’t listen to the people who say “well, maybe you should just get a job”

Marla: Yeah

Bryan: Our business wouldn’t-the day we decided that getting a real job was not an option is the day that our business started

Marla: I remember that conversation

Bryan: So that’s when we started it all

Marla: Burn the boat, ya gotta just decide there’s no retreat. You gotta go no matter what. You’re tired-I had a baby while I was doing balloons. You get tired-

Bryan: While you were doing balloons, it’s a matter of fact!


Lizzy Liz: You are so talented, you delivered a baby and a balloon!

Marla: I could do it! I could do it! No, you gotta not quit. Never quit. Don’t even make it an option. It’s-it’s-you gotta go. You gotta be surrounded by people who wanna go too.

Bryan: Just don’t stop, just don’t stop. Just keep moving forward. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around you, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your business

Marla: People are gonna tell you you will never make it. People told us that all the time

Bryan: Well we’d never make it in business and we’d never make it as a marriage, by the way. We were told that, you know we were-

Marla: We would have been voted the least likely to succeed in our marriage, probably. And we uh, yeah whatever with them.

Bryan: Yeah

Lizzy Liz: Well I love your guy’s energy, your synergy, I feel it. I’m like about to blast out of the room because your energy is so strong.


Lizzy Liz: Um, I love your team. You guys really attract amazing people, amazing creatives. People who believe in you guys and you know we totally believe in the community you guys are building. Um, I’m so happy that this podcast is finally alive

Bryan: Yeah so are we

Lizzy Liz: Marla always has-

Marla: #squadgoals

Lizzy Liz: Yes! With that said, thank you so much you guys for letting me be your hostess for the mostess

Marla: Thanks Lizzy Liz-with the mostess!

Bryan: Talk about a totally impromptu thing, right?

Lizzy Liz: I love it! And this is how we’re-we’re getting raw and real and, this is us.

Bryan: Alright

Marla: This is us, I love it, let’s do this. Thank you so much for joining us today on Let’s Party with BalloonZilla’s podcast. If you wanna find us on the web, you can find us at balloonzilla.com, on Instagram @balloonzilla, or you can find us on Pinterest, Facebook, or YouTube. If you wanna find Lizzy Liz, how would they find you, Liz?

Lizzy Liz: They can give me a call at (714) 548-9304, or Instagram @lizzylizevents. And don’t forget to click “Subscribe”.

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