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Helium Tank Rental

Tank rentals are for 3 days.  Longer periods may be available, just ask for additional cost and availability.

Tanks are for pickup only.  When you order one, it will be waiting outside of our shop.  You can drop it in the same place when you return it.  Just let us know by email or text that it’s waiting there.

All rentals come with a nozzle.  That nozzle is very delicate.  It is tested before the tank is placed for pickup.  If there is a problem with it, please let us know.  If it is returned broken, a $35 payment will be required to replace it.

If you need a monthly rental or a larger tank, please contact us.


Some colors may not be available in all sizes



Helium Tank Warnings:

DO NOT allow anyone to inhale helium from the filling equipment or from balloons. Helium is a non-flammable gas, however, it is dangerous to breathe in the gas from the cylinder, or even from an inflated balloon. Rapid suffocation can take place by reducing the concentration of oxygen in the air necessary to support life. Inhaling directly from filling equipment can also cause serious lung damage, WHICH COULD RESULT IN DEATH!

DO NOT leave this cylinder unattended in a public area, or where children or unauthorized personnel can gain access to it. Additionally, do not allow children to touch the cylinder, or its valve, or to operate the balloon filling equipment.

DO NOT remove the cylinder cap until the cylinder is secured. If the cap is stuck or jammed, return the cylinder to the supplier.

DO NOT open the cylinder valve before attaching a balloon filling regulator to it. Tighten the regulator connection to the cylinder valve with a wrench.

DO NOT use leaky equipment.

DO NOT store or use the cylinder in a closely confined or poorly ventilated area. Leaking helium can reduce the amount of oxygen in the air and produce asphyxiation.

DO NOT store or use the cylinder in direct sunlight, as well as in hot areas (over 120º F), near flames, or electrical devices. Please make sure the equipment is secured when not in use and protected from the weather.

DO NOT attempt to transfer helium from this cylinder into any other cylinder or container.

SHUT OFF the cylinder valve after each use and when empty. Remove the balloon filling regulator and replace the cylinder cap prior to returning the cylinder to your supplier.

MAKE SURE the cap is on (55cft tank excepted) and that the cylinder is secured in transit. Do not transport the helium tank with the nozzle on. We recommend that you transport the cylinder in the trunk of your car.

REMEMBER that the responsibility for all equipment remains with the renter–from the time of signature to the time of return. Do not lend, sublet, rent, or allow others to use this equipment.

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Tank Options

55 Cubic Foot Helium Tank Rental, 110 Cubic Foot Helium Tank Rental, 244 Cubic Foot Helium Tank Rental, 300 Cubic Foot Helium Tank Rental, 55 cubic foot tank with balloons, 110 cubic foot tank with balloons, 244 cubic foot tank with balloons, 300 cubic foot tank with balloons


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